April 4th 2015 – Phicen Saturday

Its Saturday and I wanted to catch up with the ladies before their next job, but where are they?

Phicen Collection 012Phicen Collection 017Phicen Collection 018Phicen Collection 019Phicen Collection 031

Ah, Dao-Ming and Yao-Niang have been found and they tell me that the ladies are meeting to go shopping, well that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Phicen Collection 089

Next I found Lucy and Shvona (who was waiting patiently while Lucy did her hair again).

Phicen Collection 116Phicen Collection 123

At Carla’s apartment Lien and Sumiko were fussing over the puppy.

Phicen Collection 154Phicen Collection 158Phicen Collection 172Phicen Collection 175

Meanwhile Jourdan had called in the repairman  to sort out a couple of jobs for her.

Repair Man (1)Repair Man (2)Repair Man (3)Repair Man (4)

She accepted a hug in exchange for the money she paid him, and Will pushed it into his back pocket.

Repair Man (5)Repair Man (6)Repair Man (7)Repair Man (8)

In town I spotted Ariana and Felicity first and they were well prepared for shopping with their big bags.

Shopping (1)Shopping (2)Shopping (3)

They were soon joined by Sumiko and Lien, then Carla.

Shopping (5)

Shopping (5a)
Shopping (6)

Lucy and Shvona were next to come along.
Shopping (8)
Shopping (7)

The ladies had lots to chat about even though they had just spent time together.

Shopping (9)
Shopping (10)

Along came Will who is a sucker for a pretty face.
Shopping (11)

When Felicity spotted money in Will’s back pocket she thought she would take it as a joke.
Shopping (12)

But when Will felt the money being pulled he didn’t see the funny side…
Shopping (13)

Will turned his attention back to Carla, he wanted her to know how much he liked her curves
Shopping (14)

Just then Jourdan arrived and everyone was called together for a group photo.
Shopping Group


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