New dresses for the ladies

Well, looking back at the pennies I spent on new dresses over the Christmas period I had a shock.  Some of the tiny, yes tiny, dresses were quite expensive and not all of them were worth the money.

I decided on impulse to make my own… so I ordered a selection of lycra type fabrics for ease:  its stretchy and doesn’t need to be hemmed (usually).

I quickly drew a pattern (just traced around the doll, and added a bit…), then cut the fabric varying it a little for each dress.  I then hand sewed nineteen dresses in three days – some turned out okay and others could have been better 🙂

See more of the girls in their dresses at:  FLCKR Phicen Ladies

Weekend Vacation

The ladies took a well deserved break recently that didn’t include boyfriends, partners, husbands men.  One of them has gone through a messy split from her ‘other half’ of 5 years so her friends wanted it to be a man free zone.

They went back to ‘Whitesands’ and booked a couple of apartments next door to each other.   Be sure to check out their pictures at:  FLCKR

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Eva Marie’s Date

Eva Marie was so happy. Finally Tony had agreed to have a date and she had planned a meal (mainly cooked by one of her friends).

Phicen Eva Maries Date 002

She waited anxiously, checking the lounge once more to make sure everything was in place.

Phicen Eva Maries Date 007

She sat down and flicked through the newspaper for the 4th or 5th time, not really taking in the words, instead visualizing how the evening would go.

Phicen Eva Maries Date 012

So, the doorbell rang and she rushed to open it.

Phicen Eva Maries Date 014

He really is a hunk, thought Eva Marie as she ushered him in.

Phicen Eva Maries Date 017

Tony sat down to start on the feast in front of him.  He liked a woman who took care of herself, her home and her man.

Phicen Eva Maries Date 021

Eva Marie joined him at the table, but she didn’t  have much of an appetite and just nibbled at her meal.

Phicen Eva Maries Date 026

She excused herself and went to put something ‘more comfortable’ on, then they settled on the sofa together.

Phicen Eva Maries Date 030

Hmm Tony had not only found a football match to watch, while she had been making herself pretty for him, but he was engrossed.   She pushed her feet up slightly higher and asked him to stroke her feetPhicen Eva Maries Date 031

He responded well, looking into her eyes and stroking her feet as she had asked. Then his attention was drawn back to the TV and football, and Eva Marie jumped up and told him in no uncertain terms that it was ‘her’ or ‘football’.

Phicen Eva Maries Date 033

Tony hadn’t expected this.  After eating it was good to chill and let the meal settle, before moving onto other things.  ‘Damn’ he would have to do a little better here, he wanted to watch the end of the match.

Phicen Eva Maries Date 036

He reassured Eva Marie that she looked beautiful and to come and give him a cuddle.

Phicen Eva Maries Date 037

‘Okay buddy’ she thought, ‘final chance’.  She hugged him tightly as he stroked her hair and she relaxed.  He moved her head over to one side and suddenly he cursed and she realized he was still watching the match.  Without a second thought she slapped his face!

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Tony pushed her up from his lap and she yelled at him to get out! ‘Geez’ Tony thought, ‘she is a firecracker and has the temper to match her hair colour’.

Phicen Eva Maries Date 057

Tony grabbed his jacket and tried to apologize on his way out, but Eva Marie was in no mood to listen.

Phicen Eva Maries Date 060

She closed the door behind him and collapsed on the sofa in a flood of tears. This temper of hers would get her into trouble one day.  Heck, it just had.. Tony was the first guy she had really liked in a long time and she had blown it.

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She picked up her phone and tried to call a friend to tell her what had happened.  No reply to the first 3 she tried, but then Felicity answered and Eva Marie poured out her heart to her.  Felicity told her to stay put as she was on the way.

Phicen Eva Maries Date 067

Felicity arrived after a little while and Eva Marie was amused to see her in a bikini. ‘We’re having a beach day remember’ said Felicity ‘you declined our invitation so that you could meet Tony’.

Phicen Eva Maries Date 074Felicity encouraged Eva Marie to go get beach ready, and they would both head back to the beach.

Phicen Eva Maries Date 081

Both ladies were ready to join their friends, where Eva Marie would be able to tell them all  about her date.  She loves her friends.

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Phicen Beach Wear

It may seem like the wrong time of year to be promoting beach wear, but manufacturers know that straight after Christmas people will be looking forward to their holidays in the sun.

Here Lien and Eva Marie model matching boy shorts and bra tops that can be mixed and matched.

Lien and Eva Marie
Lien and Eva Marie

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Eva Marie
Eva Marie
Lien and Eva Marie
Lien and Eva Marie